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Hi, we're Kara and Becky, the girls behind Jack and Ruby Photography. Kara loves travel, ice cream, girls nights and watching her baby girl grow. Becky loves cupcakes, shopping, vacationing on beaches and date nights with her hubby. What we both love is beautiful photos, beautiful brides, and couples in love. Together we are Jack and Ruby; a photography team devoted to creating beautiful and timeless images of people in love!

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Mr & Mrs: Jason and Natalie

It was a chilly day back in November when Natalie and Jason tied the knot but the love between these two was enough to warm you up from the inside out!  There was so much anticipation in the air that morning as the girls were getting ready – Natalie was so excited to see Jason and once they had their first look over at the University of Manitoba these two couldn’t keep their hands off each other!  These two are a photographers dream…they are SO in love and sometimes they were oblivious to that fact that we were there taking their pictures and just totally enjoying a moment between the two of them.

We loved Natalie’s bridal look!  There was just something about her that reminded us of the glamour of old hollywood!  The fur, the Manolo’s, the clean lines of her dresses…she was such a knockout.  And Jason was pretty handsome too rocking his bow tie!

Enjoy a few of our faves from this lovely wedding!  Family and friends can now log into the Jack and Ruby Shop to view the full wedding gallery!



  1. Beautiful! Nat you made a stunning bride!!

  2. A mother ‘s dream to see her daughter so happy.

  3. What beautiful pictures – you both look so happy !

  4. What a beautiful bride – going to be very hard to pick out just a few pictures. Congratulations.

Mr & Mrs: Paul and Shelley

Those of you who check out my family photography blog might remember reading about this fabulous woman, I wrote about her a couple years ago and I’m going to steal from that post to introduce her to you….

Once upon a time, back in my previous life as a figure skater, a very special woman entered me and my family’s lives.  I was probably about 10 when Shelley started coaching me and little did I know then that she wasn’t going to be just a coach but another member to my family.  When Shelley first enetered our lives she had one daughter who would often play in my parents basement while we were at the skating rink.  I remember vividly, coming home to find Alyx still playing away and her mom telling her it was time to clean up….then they would sing “the clean up song” together and put all the toys away….because that’s what Shelley does, she makes the most mundane things special.  I have learned so much from her, and not just how to do a mean double lutz, but lessons about life, love and family.  I have so many letters, notes and cards saved that Shelley wrote me over the years and they still bring tears to my eyes.  She has a way of using words like no one else does, she has the gift of encouragement and does such an amazing job using that gift.  If you haven’t gotten the picture already, I love love love this woman!

Years later, I’m not a figure skater anymore, but Shelley is just as important in my life as when I was, so when I got the text asking me if I would photograph her wedding there was no question what my answer would be.  My whole family packed up and set off to Vancouver this August to watch Shelley walk down the aisle.  This wedding was so special for me, it was such an honour to spend the whole day with Shelley, Paul and their girls.  I had to giggle a little bit as I realized what a role reversal we had stepped into….for years Shelley was the calm, cool and collected one as I was nervous about a big event….this time it was Shelley saying things like “I have butterflies!” and me saying “you’ll feel so great and relaxed when you see him!”  I was so happy to be that support to Shelley that day…finally I could return to her what she was for me for so many years.

Paul and Shelley had all of their girls standing beside them for the wedding, I loved how important it was to them to include the girls in such a special way! I posted a teaser picture on Facebook this week of the gorgeous colours all the girls were wearing and Shelley shared the image and some special words like only she can find… “We’re all different, but together it’s pretty as a rainbow!”  So true!  It was the first time I photographed a wedding party of all girls and wow, did they ever make the day extra gorgeous!

It’s really something when you’re photographing a family wedding….I won’t lie, there were probably three moments I can think of I had some tears rolling down my cheeks at the wedding and I’m a blubbering mess as I try to put into words what Shelley means to me.  One of those moments was the first look…which was probably the coolest first look I’ve ever shot.  On the pier in front of the Pinnacle Hotel where Paul was getting ready he stood waiting as their girls provided a shield for Shelley to walk to her awaiting groom….the girls parted and there she was…it was so, so special.  We stayed for a few photos on the Pier and then off to a gorgeous spot just down the street from Shelley and Paul’s house.  From there off to the Capilano Golf and Country Club to walk down the aisle and party the night away!

Those of you who follow me on Instagram may know that I went to Vancouver without my most important piece of gear….Kara :-( I know she was there with me in spirit even while she was at home preparing for the arrival of little bundle #3!

For a bigger peek inside Shelley and Paul’s special day please click HERE to view the slideshow to see more!!

Friends and family of Shelley and Paul, you can view their wedding gallery by clicking here, the password is the lovely couples last name.

Don’t forget the SLIDESHOW!



  1. these pictures are amazing. I love the dresses and the flowers. What you wrote was very beautiful. I was crying!

  2. These pictures are gorgeous!! Becky, you made me cry with what you wrote about Shelley. Love the different dresses and flowers. Congrats Shelley – you look stunning!

  3. Wow. Beautiful shoot Becky! Love all the details in this wedding!

  4. Tears here! Think you are making everyone cry B. I always say Shelley has the most gorgeous heart! Such a special lady. Gorgeous pictures!!

  5. These are absolutely georgeous…..what a talent you girls have…..amazing!!!!

  6. wonderful job, Becky, wonderful family! Love them all!

Mr & Mrs: Shane and Rebecca

What a perfect day.  Shane and Rebecca tied the knot on July 27th, a gorgeous sunshiny day that was not too hot and not too cool.  You couldn’t have asked for better for a Manitoba summer wedding!  The day was perfection from start to finish, from the girls being ready ahead of schedule, the boys showing up on time (good job guys!), everyone being so fun and positive all day long, and two awesome families to work with.  If there was a hiccup, we sure didn’t see it, we were so impressed with the positivity that surrounded these two and their special day.  We absolutely adore this couple, what a fabulous pair to work with.

Enjoy these pictures from Shane and Rebecca’s big day and then check out the slideshow for more!

Family and friends can now view all the photos in the Jack and Ruby Shop by using the password on the card you were given.



Again, don’t forget to check out the slideshow here!!

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  1. awe!! love these!!!

  2. Gorgeous bride!!
    I love all of these!! So elegant!

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